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Thursday, November 4th, 2004

Time:Thursday, 4th November, 2004 @ 5:13pm
Mood: bitchy.
it's been a long time since i updated this thing but with the results of the election i make my return to the livejournal movement.

how the fucking hell could we let this happen? how could we let this idiot take major control over our government and apparently now our lives too for yet another four years? not only to take power over the govt. but our personal lives and pride, damaging our oppurtunities for education and ability to get health care and fucking nearly everything? i mean i know we are a lucky population but fucking come on people died for our freedom and now i'm wondering what the hell for. for some fucker to bring his own upbringing into the government, to raise the country the ignorant way his parents brought him up? people are so convinced that we need to sanctify things and give life all it's chances to exist but yet they aren't for the happiness or choices of that life. so some decisions aren't the public's anymore, they all come down to a white house surrounded by lights and cameras and fucking assault machine guns. what gets me about anti-abortion people who also happen to be pro-death-penalty is that they say that killing the innocent, who will get mercy in heaven by their beliefs, is not good at all and shuldn't happen, but that killing those who find no mercy in heaven because they're old enough to be held accountable is bullshit. what fucking sense does that make? it's alright to take life away once it's been had, but not beforehand. and don't even fucking get me started on the war or gay marriage or education or health care. fucking seriously, these issues are getting so insanely huge and are being completely shunned and ignored by our country's people and i'm not just going to fucking sit down and take it oh no i'm going to type out a rant in my livejournal and go to work to earn some fucking paychecks to help serve the man more and more and more and i am so fucking sick of not being able to change any of this or for anyone to possibly be able to fix this horrible mess. apparently the people asked for bush and they got him, so now republicans control the entire govt, and will only continue to consume control over time as supreme court justices mandate that abortion and birth control are too immoral to be allowed to proliferate and the only way to save our nation from the ravages of immorality is to wipe it clean and place their subjective vision of god in complete control of the people through our nation's government.

"god" help us all.
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Monday, August 23rd, 2004

Subject:i am the man with the golden gun
Time:Monday, 23rd August, 2004 @ 4:18pm
Mood: weird.
summer is almost over =(
and i haven't been able to do as much as i'd like cos of work. that's ok though cos school will have breaks in it and all that sort of thing. hopefully i will be able to go snowboarding in colorado this christmas with noah if he can get enough time off so we can have the trip. that makes the end of the summer not seem so bad.

hahahaha and oh yeah, my uncle got arrested this weekend for cussing at a cop who pulled him over. that is something to post on my lj, for sure..he's not in jail or anything extreme like that but he's going to have to pay some huge fine.

here's an essay question for you all:
what do you think of the saying "there are other fish in the sea"? cos i've been hearing it a lot lately and i can't help but ask for yr advice.

right now it's a bit four and theo is over and we are playing goldeneye and i am owning him as usual. we're probably going to be lazy and watch shitty movies tonight. hahaha even though i kinda wanted to go skating again at the metros but they close at sunset so if we're going we better go now. i'm going to propose that idea, later.
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Monday, August 16th, 2004

Time:Monday, 16th August, 2004 @ 9:18pm
Mood: disappointed.
strhess fest yesterday was awesome. except thursday is breaking up, that sucks. we saw their last u.s date for this whole year and they played about an hour and a half for us. that was sweet. except senses fail didn't even bother to show up. really cool. they must think they're fucking rockstars now, that really pissed me off. neither did atreyu but senses fail didn't even notify anybody, they just didn't show up. i was pretty ticked off and rightfully so.

anyways that's about all.

and oh yeah, tomorrow is free skate all day at area 54. i am so stoked.
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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004

Subject:4 a year is crazy!
Time:Wednesday, 11th August, 2004 @ 12:32pm
Mood: blank.
this morning went very slowly, it was like how christmas eve feels when yr a kid, it just never stops and never ends. today is the kind of day where it seems pointless to dread school starting again because all yr doing is walking around the house looking for somebody to talk to and realizing everyone's busy with their own activity. i haven't done any of my summer reading yet, either. i feel really lazy, because i am, but ah, i have to work from 2-7 today. that is the best shift cos you don't have to wake up too early and you don't miss hanging out with your friends at night. i love that shift, i wish i could get it all the time.

no offense to any of my female readers, but i saw an ad for a product that gives women four periods a year. ARE THEY FUCKING CRAZY?!? honestly, can you imagine the buildup of angst inside of a woman? that's so beyond me, god. i thought that was the dumbest thing i've heard since the nader incident monday. god.

i'm going swimming tonight at dave's after work, a couple people are gonna be there so it should be fun. nothing huge, but i like it best that way. i think that there will be water guns and beach blanket volleyball involved, hooray. i'm really looking forward to it. anyways have a nice day everyone.
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Monday, August 9th, 2004

Subject:show list and a rant
Time:Monday, 9th August, 2004 @ 11:27pm
Mood: pissed off.
we did end up playing tonight, before gregarious and after steve dristine. so this is the way that the set list went:
1. movie star gazing
2. fiddlesticks
3. ode to a great town somewhere far, far, far, far, far, far, far away
4. i gave her my heart, she gave me a hug
5. lost reciepts
6. ring around the coaster
7. hell yes
8. commercial
9. vintage kiss

i know i know another alkaline trio cover, i couldn't resist. we've sworn not to do anymore so i guess some more hot hot heat covers are in store for you? haha. thanks to everyone who came. we played what i thought was a good variety between old and new songs though, so that was cool.

in other news, my lj got an extreme makeover! OMG!

also, after the show i was talking to dave and he told me he was thinking about voting for nader. i didn't say anything to him but nothing pisses me off more than ralph nader. he is going to fuck up this election just like he did the last one. yeah, it's self righteous to vote for him if you agree with him more than any other candidate. but i bet yr not thinking of the innocent people whose lives you will be helping to take with that vote of yours. the same shit is going to continue if we don't get bush out of office, more and more innocent people are going to die and i want to fucking do something about it and if you want to waste your goddamn vote on some prat who does make good points but will in no damn way win the upcoming election then i think you've got absolutely NOTHING to complain about when the shit hits the fan. in my opinion, if yr going to be self rightous and all and have no conscience whatsoever then you can get yr ass out of america right this instant. hit the road, go to mexico or canada, or better yet, if you're going to vote for nader then join the fucking armed forces and give your own life instead of volunteering complete strangers for the job. except, most people voting for ralphie are too old to be in the army etc. i think it's important to do what you feel is right, but even more than that, do what will save lives. i think that is a million times more important than feeling like you followed what your voices told you to do. i'm sorry if you were offended by this, but fucking seriously, it's getting out of hand and it's been out of hand and i just wish there was something i could do.

but no, they're the ones that are voting for that fuck.

and i'm one of the many who are going to be drafted.

and they can vote, but i cannot.

fuck this.
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Sunday, August 8th, 2004

Subject:i smell like a coconut
Time:Sunday, 8th August, 2004 @ 2:06pm
Mood: sad.
i smell like tanning lotion, thanks the attack i underwent yesterday at work. i've taken two showers since then and i still smell like cocoa butter. that's way uncool, dude. the culprits will be paid back for this act in full, you can count on that. only..not with tanning lotion, that shit smells bad.

and otherwise, everything has sucked a lot, and boy do i mean a lot. i broke two drum heads last week. IN A WEEK. i have a lot of stress, i guess if i feel the need to take my anger out on the stupid drums. nah, i just got some new equipment and i guess it wasn't as strong as i thought it was cos it broke pretty quickly. i gotta be more careful with that kind of thing, it really makes me upset cos it is a hassle and all to get more drum heads and to put them on and tighten them and make sure they sound right etc. and especially since they were new. bummer, oh well whaddya gonna do? but tomorrow i get to play a show, hopefully, if i get some new heads this afternoon before i go to work at four..i hope. that should be cool, i've been looking forward to it so i hope it works out.


noah's wedding is in about a month and half, haha. i am best man. the best man. man's best. whatever. i just stand there and wear nice clothes. wahey.
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Sunday, August 1st, 2004

Time:Sunday, 1st August, 2004 @ 11:45am
Mood: chipper.
the bronx on friday totally stole the show for me.. the akas weren't that bad last night but still, i've seen them play much, much better before. tonight is kill hannah and i'm still not sure who is going. it would be amusing if hannah would come. hehh i suck. enough about shows, god.

i worked yesterday but i've been calling off a lot lately cos of shows so i've got a lot to catch up on at the beginning of this week, i'm going to be the drive thru's bitch and WOO that sounds great.. yeah. noah is going nuts over planning his wedding in the next room with my mom and i can't help but be sort of amused. i remember when we were younger and my cousin was getting married and noah kept making fun of him for wanting certain things in his wedding and told me he was just going to let his wife decide and i said "no you won't".. and now look. hahahahahah i love my brother. i'm also not working today so after i help noah a little bit i'm going skating with pete and greg, but i'm not sure where yet. hopefully the metros. cross yr fingers.

me and livejournal are getting along pretty well lately, no? more updates is cool, i like that idea, of keeping a record of my life. not necessarily all my thoughts, i have notepad for that and all those files saved. if i wasn't so lazy i'd write them all out but since i am, computer wins over pencil. that makes me feel kind of stupid but i don't really care, i'm the one who has more time to make other things or skate or make music or listen to music and not a hand cramp i guess. i guess it's just different for everyone. yeah.
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Thursday, July 29th, 2004

Time:Thursday, 29th July, 2004 @ 12:03pm
last night i went to greg's house and we watched some good ole family guy season 2. we went for a walk too, which ended up running back to greg's house to grab skateboards out of truck trunks and hit up this sick little mulch barrier around his development..how funny that must have looked, kids skating at the entrance to a development..fucking wow, i wish i could have seen us. maybe sometime other than now, eheheh. tonight has a show all up in it so there won't be any suburban hijinks this evening. i'm trying to get more people to go so if you want to let me know and i can take you, we've got loads of room in the truck still. fear before the march of flames, woooot.

i've been thinking and i have come to the conclusion that i know why we're here. to wonder why we're here. yep. that's all it's adding up to. just watch. or maybe i'm wrong. but maybe i'm right. now YOU have something to think about. awesome.
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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004

Time:Tuesday, 27th July, 2004 @ 12:01pm
Mood: cranky.
i never sleep until 11 and i did today and i dont know why, i went to bed at the normal times i usually do.. i feel like such a bum. and i need to shower, that's also something i should be doing instead of this. the other being wake up earlier, and get some shit done with. i dunno really..anyways.

i work the 1-6 today, pretty cool shift i think.

the new taking back sunday cd comes out today. i dunno if i'll even get it, i don't really like them much anymore..i like the old lineup a lot better but maybe i should give them a chance? we'll see. i don't have anything planned for tonight but gideon and i saw autopilot off last night which was cool, they kind of sucked though but it was fun to go with him. thursday is fear before the march of flames and a life once lost with hannah and greg. fun times will be had. friday is the most looked forward to show for me in months. decahedron, the bronx, the dillinger escape plan, and planes mistaken for stars. that lineup is fucking awesome and i can't wait. i love every one of those bands. i haven't been this excited for a show in a really long time. and the aka's are here on saturday, i'll be hitting both fri and sat with gideon and greg and pete. sunday is kill hannah at the grog, i think that's going to be moe, claire, gideon and i. lawrence arms and tsunami bomb is on tuesday, i have no one to go to that with. we will see. we've got quite the lineup of shows for the week, and i am a very spoiled individual. the college i go to, most importantly, will have good shows almost every night. that is the most important thing, and that's stupid of me to say but it's true for me so i might as well. this entry is getting obese!

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Saturday, July 24th, 2004

Subject:still this week, its been a long one
Time:Saturday, 24th July, 2004 @ 2:36pm
Mood: lazy.
this morning i finished The God of Small Things and it was surprisingly very good. i'm sure you've all heard of it before but i enjoyed it very much. so it's saul recommended, ok. yesterday was the warped tour and i wasnt really disappointed cos i wasn't expecting anything too cool to begin with, cos i mean, last year had a much better lineup and still kind of sucked.. rick and i really enjoyed alkaline trio though, they were the best. and some others were fun to watch but they were the only ones worth remembering or really going for. and even then they didnt play very long at all but it was still cool and fun. & i've got work tonight 6-close so you should come and visit me if you want to.

i heard they have krispy kreme milkshakes. wtf?! that would be really nasty if you ask me. fuck. and is it just me or is it like, artic weather for july here in ohio? people and mother nature are getting out of hand, this is just too much.

greg is getting a tattoo. (!?) next weekend. be there or be square, we're going to give him such hell over this one.

also, nothing like finding a hundred canadian dollars while cleaning yr room...
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Sunday, July 18th, 2004

Time:Sunday, 18th July, 2004 @ 12:34pm
Mood: dirty.
aha! i am updating more! more pointlessly, that is. two days in a row, that's a record for me (i think). last night, claire, hannah, gideon, sam, greg, victor and i went to see ruth's play in sandusky..no comment. it's coooool. i havent been to a play in a really long time and it kinda reminded me of why that was..but it's cool, cos afterwards we went to 7-11 and hung out there a bit until the managers chased us out. then this morning moe came over at like, 8! we made breakfast and talked cos she couldnt come last night cos of prior engagements, lol. then we went for a walk and it rained a little bit (ewwww) so we had to come indoors and hung out with bart a little bit. i missed that guy too. heh.

man, i really should shower, i still smell like summer camp. and that is not a smell that you want to be smelling of, for sure. and i haven't had a dream in like two weeks and i'm a little upset about that. :/
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Saturday, July 17th, 2004

Time:Saturday, 17th July, 2004 @ 2:03pm
Mood: grateful.
finally back home again from skate camp, boy that was an adventure. the kids this year didnt suck as bad as last so i got to go skate by myself once in a while which made it all worth it. as did the niiiice paycheck, which is going to pay off almost all of my truck so it's now completely mine and no one else's. i sound like i'm hoarding the damn thing. hmmm. band practice this morning was a little rusty seeing as i haven't been in two weeks but still, it was fun as usual. and claire and gideon and moe and greg and andrew came, it was rad. they brought me stuff, it was so nice. claire and moe brought me cupcakes!! ahh i love them. (the girls, and the cupcakes actually.) haw haw. i don't have to work tonight which is awesome but tomorrow i've got to work 5-close which isn't so bad except i'm missing the good life which kinda pisses me off, especially cos i missed the icarus line last week and boys night out this week. oh well, that damn truck. i hate yoooou truckity truck.

i'm gonna update this thing more, i swear. it's just to get it out of yr system, you know? not like anyone cares or anything but that's acceptable/understandable. livejournal i hope you diejournal. i'm not cool, get over it, i have!

tonight, we dance. :)
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Sunday, July 4th, 2004

Time:Sunday, 4th July, 2004 @ 11:26pm
Mood: excited.

that's how you celebrate july fourth in iraq. fuck you, uncle sam. (sorry its so big i dont know how to change its size..)

i leave for camp tomorrow early morning. two weeks of heat and children whining cos they can't ollie (yet) and poison ivy all up in mah grill. it's fun though, nothing but basic skating for two weeks but i have to bring so much of my own food it's not even funny. who the hell wants to eat ribbie q's? this past week has been ok, i've finished the emo board game. it's official. next time you feel like joining LAWES (legion against whack emo shit) give me a call and we'll roll the dice and see who can knock emo off the scene first. (OH WAIT ITS ALREADY BEEN DONE)

anyways take care
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Monday, June 28th, 2004

Time:Monday, 28th June, 2004 @ 3:00pm
Mood: aggravated.
ok so i was wrong and camp doesn't actually start until NEXT monday..i get a whole week to myself off of work, except the weekend, until camp. man, i feel DUMB. wow. i think that takes the cake for dumbest thing i've ever done..yeah. and there are like, no shows this whole week except for that huge ska show on friday, with catch 22 and reel big fish and everything. SKANK! and this means i have to miss the icarus line next wednesday and the mooney suzuki next friday and that really, really sucks, and the week after that, bno and ted leo with the pharmacists. what the hell, luck is really screwing me over lately. ah, frustration.

tonight i am going to liam's graduation party, that should be interesting. claire, hannah, gideon and greg are all going so hopefully that will be enough people i know so that i don't feel that out of place. i know he invited a lot of people but not everyone's going so i feel kinda bad for him but eh what are ya gonna do?

tomorrow we're having an impromptu band practice and it would be cool to see you there. =)
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Friday, June 25th, 2004

Subject:secret agents
Time:Friday, 25th June, 2004 @ 1:41pm
Mood: worried.
fridaaaay. el fin de semana, hip hip hooray for us all.

i skated a bit this week, it was fun. it's raining today so i doubt i'll make it out but i'm getting better. i hate the cycle though, skate all summer then NONE in the winter usually so you start to suck again and then when summer comes you spend the whole season getting up to par with how you were last year and if you're lucky you get a little bit better. it sucks if you ask me, but atleast i don't live in greenland, then i could never skate. my goal by the end of this summer is to be able to do do a tailslide or a 360 ollie. it was funny the other day though, these two little kids were skating by a bike rack and this kid was doing 5-0's and he kept saying they were 50-50's and his friend got pissed and started showing him just what a 50-50 was. talk about DISSED. hahah i just went all mtv on you and man i really apologize for that. but moe and claire told me the other day that cedar lee is under some legal dispute (hahah nice use of vocab..) and aren't going to be open for a while... and they might go out of business because of it. i don't know any details so i won't say anything for sure but all i know is that this is a travesty. every other cinema around here is fucking ridiculous, they just can't wait for white chicks to come out. jesus, anything that represents something beautiful in public art is crumbling to nothing. but hopefully that 9/11 movie will help get a lot of votes away from bush, that's all i'm hoping for. all the controversy blah blah, we just have to get that fucker out of office. that is, unless you want to recieve a couple dogtags along with yr diploma.

we have made a major purchase. we got long distance walkie talkies for gideon, noah, eric and me. WE ARE SPIES. and i need to shave, it's been like a week and a half and i am growing a mini beard. that's pretty nasty. but it makes me seem more like a spy. how? i'm not sure.

take care all.
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Monday, June 21st, 2004

Subject:the salesman,
Time:Monday, 21st June, 2004 @ 7:52pm
Mood: amused.
nothing has been going on.


god i love you summer. i'm going to start writing in this thing more, i promise. i've been going to the park a lot and smiling a lot more. just hanging around with my friends and my brother and working every now and then is really great. camp is in a week though, i better start practicing for that. skating is how i spend most of my time lately. theo, greg, gideon and i are going tomorrow to the metros, hopefully we'll be able to pull off some good stuff. we'll see.

we got a bird for my sister's birthday and she let me name it and what did i name it?


that's right. =D
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Monday, June 14th, 2004

Time:Monday, 14th June, 2004 @ 1:01pm
Mood: busy.
so the boardgame is coming along and is almost done. the emo boardgame. playing pieces include: ian mackaye's face, a mineral, chuck taylors, square glasses, and as suggested by moe, ovaries. i'm almost done painting it and the box design is pretty funny and cool too, maybe i can get someone to take a picture of it so i can show everyone. it's pretty funny as long as you don't end up being sent to the trocadero (oh no!) or get squashed by hardcore kids. i plan on luggin' it to the next boring show that we'll end up sitting in the back on the floor for. yeah, you know, at eighteen visions or something. haha. i have to work tonight, oh man. but i have a lot more time to do shit that doesn't need to be done, like make a boardgame just for fun and write about it in this stupid livejournal. it's actually fun so i'll stop it.

i had the weirdest dream last night. i was brushing my teeth (in the dream) and all of a sudden, andrew jumped out of my shower and scared the fuck out of me. then we went to avon lake and shot peas at the girl who works at cvs. it was so weird and i have no idea what any of it means. yep, everyone always talks about their dreams but does anyone really need to? ....no. hahah just for fun i guess.

matt pond pa is on wednesday. and thursday is boys night out, driveby and mcr!!!! glad that i get to see bno cos i'm gonna miss them in july cos i'll be on vacation.

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Friday, June 11th, 2004

Time:Friday, 11th June, 2004 @ 9:11pm
Mood: jubilant.
no more pencils
no more books
no more teacher's dirty looks
and no more cafeteria food being eaten by annoying people next to me at lunch.

summer is upon us, kids. fucking awesome. fireworks tonight, be prepared in about an hour and a half for grafton to go BOOM.

best news to grace us since the Lord created soy ice cream. amen, brethren.
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Sunday, June 6th, 2004

Time:Sunday, 6th June, 2004 @ 6:36pm
Mood: hungry.
a few more days, keep reciting that back in yr mind okay? yep, summer is biting at everyones heels. i hope the school year ends with a bang, literally, cos the fireworks festival (we're such badasses, breaking the law in the middle of nowhere) is wednesday and i'm planning on breaking the local record for most sparklers held in one hand lit at one time.

don't get a job, ever. save yrself, spend yr summer happily and with friends and music and great movies. (all three of them)

the gig opening went well, thanks to everyone who came out to see us. here's the list of songs played:
1. commercial
2. ode to a great town somewhere far, far, far, far, far, far, far away
3. lawnmower race
4. movie star gazing
5. lost reciepts
6. i gave her my heart, she gave me a hug
7. fiddlesticks

good crowd, about three people there for us and forty for everyone else... ahahaha doesnt matter, i just wanted to play. jim from the okc told me he was really impressed and that i had "impeccable rythym"... hahahaha kinda felt like i was reading an article in spin or something but hey its cool.

anyways i am going to go get some fooooooood.

(p.s does anyone else subscribe to acoustic monthly? my issue didn't come and i'm wondering if i can borrrrow..)

ok bye for real now =)
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Thursday, May 20th, 2004

Subject:north avon lakewood looks good
Time:Thursday, 20th May, 2004 @ 10:54pm
Mood: geeky.
so what's new huh?

schools taking forever to let out as it always does this time of the year, thrice was fucking incredible again. (for the sixth time i've seen them, it was great.) woods class is sucking more than ever, my final is a cabinet i'm going to give to noah cos he's getting married soon (chyeah smiles) and i am not fit to be a lumberjack so i'm gonna fail at life accordingly. i'm supposed to sell mountain dew and cheetos out of a car wash drive thru window for the rest of my life, i think. dude if it pays for my drum heads it's all good.

i miss all my friends and i'm ready for summer to come already. i just want to buy a big house in lakewood for everyone from all around. forget yr stupid avon lake and north ridgeville and ghettofied version of elyria and strongsville and come live in north avon lakewood. there will be a room for music, a room for eating, (oh yes) one for sleeping, and one for other. and everyone gets their own bathroom cos the last thing anyone ever wants is to see dave in a towel.

i took my dad's pocket protectors. hooray for retard petty theft. takes a nerd to raise one i guess. i'll put them to good use. drumstick holders, you ask? you underestimate.
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